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Inspirational Women: Yolanda DeLaCruz a Visionary and Business Owner

I want to introduce Yolanda DeLaCruz, an enterprenuer, mother of four, wife. Owner of DP Financial Services LLC along by her side, is her husband Sam Perez. She is a resilient survivor and pursuer of her dreams that became a reality. Her parents abandoned her when she was a child and was raised by her grandparents in NYC during the times NYC was reeling from a social turmoil that caused an economic collapse and rampant crime and over one million households dependent on welfare. In her determination she attended NYC College while becoming a young mother she moved from NYC to PR and in 1986 to Springfield, MA where she's residing for 33 years. She worked in the Banking Industry for over 20 years, it was there where she developed her growth as an Investment representative and ambition to pursue Financial Services. Nevertheless, since she was 18 years old, she developed the love for numbers and used it to work independently as a Tax Preparer. Today along with her husband they built and manage a successful business offering Life Insurance, retirement Planning, and Tax Services. Yolanda is the perfect example of that woman who multiplies her resources. Let’s see what she has to say…

1. When did all start for you? When and where did the desire to fight for something more than a job or career to become a business woman?

I loved working with number, and while I was working in the banking industries I started doing taxes from home for my family then friends, which became a passion. I realized you can make a living from your passion even if you are self-learning on a specific topic, which was my case because I did not go to any school to become a tax preparer but rather self-taught spending hours studying the IRS manuals for professionals and that alone helped me year after year. I used to conduct home visits and increased clients through referrals.

2. How did you realize that you made it? Was there a certain moment or goal you accomplished, and have you ever stopped dreaming about what you can accomplish?

The realization moment came when I talked to my husband analyzing where we were, my passion and vision and what would be the next? No, i didn't stop dreaming I actually have a frame that reads "If you can dream it you can become it" which I constantly read. We talked about expansion, the room I was using at home office had become small with filling cabinets, so my husband recommended it be moved to one of the larger rooms, and while he was preparing it God spoke to us and we acted on it knowing something bigger was ahead of us. Consequently we decided to establish an outside office location at 878 Liberty St. Springfield MA 01104 which was a residential home already owned acclimated to be the office it is today.

3. Have you ever realized that you are a paving the way for other women with dreams and ambitions to be their own boss as they are serving their community?

Yes, I realized that I have a great assignment of helping and mentoring other women. I currently do advice and mentor other women. I advice them on financial decisions. I love the opportunity and the trust they have instilled for me to do that at the same time very fortunate to have my husband walk with me day by day in this business as my own mentor, motivator, working partner, analyzing together all the future plans God has for us.

4. What would it be the best advice you can offer women who are now having a voice and rising within this generation?

I would say that they must have passion for what they are doing or wanting to do. In order to keep your dreams alive and accomplish your goals have faith above all and act on it. There are many ways to produce income. It can all start from a hobby to a successful business. Look for resources and educate yourself. A foundation of faith and spiritual strength was a main factor to us. Become an agent of change, serve others, and give back. I never forget where I came from and that helps me establish genuine relationships which will be the core of building your business and keeping your clients. You will experience the ups and downs in both life and business but faith and action will keep you standing. Pump yourself up. Lastly but not less important do not start your business getting into financial debt. Plan accordingly, invest in cash and multiply your profits. You will expand and multiply the fruit of your hands and labor.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did in conversation with Yolanda. Her experience, expertise and insight are always so full of life and wisdom. This is the perfect example of how your story and life circumstances do not determine your future. Learning to overcome the less positive side of our story, we are always able to produce more, to give more, and to achieve more. Be brave, have faith and make your dreams happen!

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