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Inspirational Women:Norma Alvarez my Birth Giver and the Reason Why Donna Versatile Exists Today

There is no interview today, but an open heart letter. One with gratefulness and appreciation in this Mother’s Day month to the only woman that have heard my heart from the inside of her womb. Norma is the mother of three, wife and housewife currently. She wasn’t able to finish a formal education because of the lack of economic resources her parents had while she was growing up, so the third grade was the most she could ever achieved. On top of this, she was unsuccessful on be able to learn how to read and write. I honestly remember growing up and being bothered by the fact that I needed to read and write on medical appointments, because she was too ashamed to ask for help from the workers. I also couldn’t appreciate growing up that her love language is giving gifts; therefore, the words of affirmation weren’t there at certain times. The time passed by and while growing older it was too hard for me to understand her, to get to a middle ground and to anticipate that her discipline (whether agreeing with the methods or not) was there out of love.

The years have gone by and being a mother, having her far while I lived in Massachusetts while she stayed in Puerto Rico for almost six years, learning about emotional intelligence and multiple ways in which people can manifests their love for others have help my intense self. Helped me to understand that in her special way of demanding more and more of me, she was shaping the determined woman that lives inside of me. The fact that she always pushed me to have the best grades I could ever have was because she wanted me to use my potential and to be extremely proud of my achievements. When she has said to me “I love you” I know in reality means “I’m proud of the woman you have become”. I just shared this week in one of my thinking moments through social media, ‘’every action is a discourse and you just need to know how to read’’. I have decided to read the best actions my mother constantly offers me, even if she does not say it with words, her actions tell me that she loves me. Every meal, every I will help you with the kids, and even her disposition to help with every possible favor I ask from her tells me how important myself and my siblings are for her.

Today I want to publicly recognize you mom, acknowledge your constant love, support, details, meals, kisses and hugs. You have done a great job and I want you to know that I am grateful to have you in my life. I thank God for your existence and I will forever love who you are.

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