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Inspirational Women: Nercy Rodriguez the Passionate Supervisor in the Social Work Field

This month we had the pleasure of working with Nercy Rodriguez, who is a very successful, mature and very hard worker Latina. She is currently contributing to the state of Massachusetts by helping in the Department of Children and Families. Her passion and burden have brought her very far; with already 17 years of experience within the field, her daily commitment and effort allowed her to work hard, being an agent of change, lived her dream, and have leisure time as well. Here you have more of her story, so you can be motivated by her journey:

1. How many years of experience do you have within the Social Work field? Has it been easier than you thought before you started?

I have been working for the social work field close to 17 years. I started by work as a Community Rehabilitative Supervisor where I supervised four case managers who were and have a caseload five consumers of my own with adults who were mentally ill. Currently, I am working with children and families supervise five social workers. When I started in this field, I was a young 22-year-old woman thinking she can save the world and I can “fix it”. I learned pretty fast I can’t save or fix anybody; however, I can guide and empower. It was never easy, and it gets harder and harder every day, but the final outcome is rewarding when you see little or great progress in families, children, adolescents and young adults.

2. How does being a Latina have played a role in you doing your job and growing in the organization you are currently working for?

Being a Latina Social Worker has given me the ability to be able to empower families who have the same cultural background and speak the same language; although I may have not experience the same life experiences they may have I am able to build rapport to assist, help them and ensure safety risk decreases. Being a Latina always gives me the opportunity to work with adolescents and young adults who are especially young Latina females to empower, guide, educate and inspire for them to do greatness and believe they can do anything they put their mind too. I’ve been a supervisor for about three years now, it has been the most challenging position in my career; because you are training others to be the best social worker they can be by thinking outside of the box, promote advocacy and how to better serve families and children with a strength based approach despite the circumstances they come across with families such as substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, neglect on children and poverty.

3. What would you say to women that have a desire to help others, contribute to society while living her dreams and balancing their work life with their personal life?

What I would say to other women if they have the desire to help others to do it with an open mind and loving heart. In order to help and empower others you must always make sure to take care of yourself. Self-care is very important, because if you don’t take care of yourself you will never be able to help others the way they need to be helped. I always tell myself if you work hard, you play hard. I end with this quote: When you recover or discover something that nourished your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life”. – Jean Shinoda Bolen

I want to acknowledge that hard work pays off, that whenever you do something with excellence and a passionate/driven heart the rewards are inevitable. Life is too short to be lived with regrets, instead cultivate your passion, conceive dress, give the perfect shape to goals and make them a reality. I hope this portion of her story motived you, as much as it did with me.

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