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Inspirational Women: Lizbeth Berrios the Spectacular Mother

The year is almost gone, but Donna Versatile had the honor to interview an exceptional woman and mother. She is an example to every single one of us, because of the way she loves her children, her tenacity and her warrior spirit. Lizbeth Berrios is a Puerto Rican 38-year-old woman and mother that has been a terrific example to me over the years. She has three children, Michael who is 22, Paola who is 20 and Isaac who is a 7-year-old special child. Becoming a young mother did not stop her from becoming the best version of herself, of studying, working and producing from the gifts of her hands; and having Isaac just served her soul and purpose. Her spirit is bright and her willingness to wake up every single day to make him and the rest of her family members feel special and loved it is a mission of hers. Pretty much her philosophy in life is to always trust God, to love with everything single part of yourself and to live to the fullest.

Now let’s get to know more of her story:

1. What does motherhood represent to you?

Motherhood to me is a door that is open in a determined moment to begin a walk in life that is full of adventures. In my case it changed my environment and took me out of the ‘’comfort zone’’ that I was used to between 1996 till 2011. Time has changed my perspective in everything that has to do with motherhood.

2. Do you consider or see yourself as a blessed/chosen mother because of the heart/energy/courage that goes into being a young mother and now taking care of Isaac?

I was chosen and even more, blessed. God knew that I had the heart and the disposition to become a mother since a young age. I did not know what I was capable of till I met my first baby. I studied what I wanted, and I worked really hard for my son and my daughter, but I was not until god gifted me with Isaac (who is now seven years old) that I was able to comprehend how blessed I was to become a mother of a special child. Since Isaac was six months old in my womb has been teaching me how valuable is every second of life. Seven years ago, I taught I was going on vacation with my son, but more so my path was designed to be a roller-coaster adventure. But to be able to take care of a very special child has become my best doctoral degree. He says to me “I love you” every three seconds.

3. Can you share some of the strategies you apply in order to keep going, beat tiredness and thrive for your kids every day?

To SCREAM but alone and to CRY but hiding, a few seconds later that tastes like ice cream to my soul. I don’t know how you are going to take it, but there was my vulnerability. To be grateful NO MATTER the situation we are going through, that’s the key. Living to the fullest, not to carry unnecessary weight in life, to relieve the spiritual and physical baggage, to take time ALONE, no matter if they are minutes or hours but ALONE. Not to judge ourselves by the mistakes we make, but to be joyful because of all the effort we do daily and to believe that every single thing will be okay. Finally, never lose faith in ourselves.

4. Tell us some of the biggest life lessons you have learned during your life and motherhood journey.

There will never be studies, professions, diplomas or money to fulfil us 100% when health is lacking. Life has taught me that love is almighty, that the heart is already full, it is us the ones that should not allow moments or persons to empty ourselves. If we keep our tanks full, we will function better and we will achieve our daily goals. It is important to be conscious when having days where we feel tired is inevitable, but the sun still shinning over us. Life is exactly that, a trip and the most we enjoy it by ourselves or in company of others we will be able to value what really matters. We should understand that NOT TO BE PERFECT MOTHERS it is also part of the story. Love, but do it with everything that could change your child’s destiny.

I could not allow the year to end without touching basis in this particular matter. Motherhood is one of the toughest challenges and titles we need to develop in life. That is precisely the reason why I wanted to share some of Liz’s story and testimony. So that you may feel empower to do it the best way that you can and inspired to keep loving and nurturing the way you are doing it. Life is too short to be complaining, let’s have fun instead even in the midst of our mistakes. Our children won’t remember the less good things; as much as they will remember the way we love and nurture them. Be merciful with yourself and love them in your unique way.

With much love,


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