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Inspirational Women: Ivis Abella the Free-Lance Makeup Artist

Donna Versatile had the honor to interview a professional makeup artist in the island of Puerto Rico (technology is huge nowadays). Ivis Abella is a very talented 33 year old woman, who has been established with her own business “Abella Makeup” for approximately five years now. She had the opportunity to learn and work hand-on-hand with great professionals within the beauty industry, they have taught her how to sharpen her makeup technique and skills. Because she also has some classes in pedagogy, she can combine two of her passions while combining the art of makeup with the teaching at makeup workshops. Some of the highlights of her career are that she have had the opportunity to present a makeup capsule in the television show “Dia a Dia” and collaborations with brands like “Colorina” in their media channels. Also she has been the makeup artist for the gospel singer Marcela Gandara and the well-recognized journalist David Begnaud.

Now let's get to know more of her story:

1. When and how was ignited the passion in you to enhance women’s beauty through the art of makeup and hair-styling?

Everything started five years ago. I didn’t have any idea of the talent I had in my hands and to where it would bring me. One day I dared and never wanted to let go of the makeup brush ever again. The thing that I love the most is the fact that I have the opportunity to meet new people every week. Not only meet them, but I am an important part of their lives because many of them, contract my services for their weddings. To know that I had the opportunity to touch their lives in such of a special day it is priceless to me.

2. How many years of experience do you have now been your own boss, and has it been easy the process of building your own dreams?

I have been working in the field for approximately five years now; from those five, two have been as a full-time career. It has not been easy. We are always thought of the capacity we have to become whatever and whoever we want in life, but we are not thought how the path to success looks like and finally say, “I made it!”. Long night hours, many non-payment work hours, dedication and lack of free time. There are no impossible dreams; they just require consecration, dedication and a lot of focus.

3. What would you recommend to other professionals within the beauty industry in terms of them pursuing a full time career in the field?

Many of the things I have dreamed off are not materialized yet, but I believe I have two advice's to anyone that wishes to pursue this field:

-One day at the time: each day comes with its own eagerness; do not rely on the fact that things are going to happen just because. Work for it, but don’t pressure things. You can take it slow, but firm steps.

-Do not tell your dreams to people: many truly love you, but in reality, they do not want to see you more successful than them. Work for your dreams in silence and when the time comes take them to light, that way you will not have voices wanting to stop you during the process.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it! Keep it up!

My expectations are that you have been inspired by Ivis; her journey, hustling and dedication to do and create all the things that her soul desires. Much more than a passion, she is pursuing her life purpose and that is something that all of us should be thriving for on daily basis. Life is too short for you to be working on something that you dislike. Instead design a plan, get the education you need and go out to conquer that mountain, one day at the time. Like Ivis said, take it slow but with very firm steps.

With much love,


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