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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Tuesday: Persevere Fervently

“Words don’t produce change, actions do!”

We hear and repeat that phrase regularly, but sometimes we decide to ignore it and not to walk on it. From personal and professional goals that have everything to do with our future are postponed for several reasons in some occasions. We could perfectly find in those reasons lack of motivation and even laziness. Nevertheless, like I once heard a wise man say “We cannot act from the place of ignorance that only thinks of being without evolving, or passion that only does without being, but from goodness that takes us to think in being and that automatically makes us develop qualities that help us persevere.” To put it into context, we can’t be organized, have discipline or perseverance just like that. We were not born with those qualities. Instead when we transfer them into the place where they are part of our growth and development then they become engraved in our walk. In that exact point we become organized, disciplined and permanent. Key aspects in our lives and personal success we will be willing to persevere in all of our ways.

Decide introspect yourself regularly, reorganize priorities, goals and habits. That will take you to the place where you can persevere fervently.

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