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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Tuesday: Don’t Fear Your Transformation Moments

Within the amount of emotions we should redirect in life there is fear. Fear to the unknown and anxiety trying to prognosticate the future. The ugly truth is, you don’t and can’t have any control over those aspects. For what the future you needs to go through can’t be avoided, skipped or premeditated. By personal experience, I strongly suggest that you pray and learn how to be still.

Living life, it is a challenge itself, but you can overcome. Every minute, hour, day, year and decade teach you something new. Aspects that are key for you to live life assertively. For that reason, moments of change and transitions are not your enemy, they don’t come to destroy you, and in fact they come to be the catalyst for transformation. Yes, transformation and metamorphosis, you will need them every now and then in life, because every new season requires a different you. Therefore, learn to master the art of being okay with it. Be at peace and have patience with your heart, mind, soul and spirit. After your entire path in life it is for you to enjoy, learn and grow.

Reject fear and get dressed in good expectation for your transformation!

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