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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Tuesday: Dare to Do It!

Plans, goals, dreams and a destiny are waiting for you; yes my dear, for you to dare. For you to be capable to take out the strength from wherever you think you don’t have, the gallantry and the courage to crawl, walk, run and even swim if needed to your destiny. Everything that would be necessary for you to achieve and materialize the yearnings of your heart, you definitely have it. First you get the seed in your womb and the inquietude to do and achieve something else, and in many occasions those things that you did not thought before. Then the courage comes and the attitude to achieve it. Like Juan Manuel Serrat once said “walker, there is no path, the path is made by walking”. So let that sink in your heart and mind.

I wish that you know that nobody else could duplicate you, nor your style or creativity while doing things. You are your director at charge and producer of life. Therefore, after the seed was planted the only thing is needed is for you to decide to walk, to believe in the purpose for your life, in your destiny, in the lives you will be able to touch and serve; and finally in how far you can go. Everything is a matter of decision and nobody else can make it, but you. Admire the world of possibilities you have ahead, the infinity of resources you could multiply and dare to do it. After all, nobody can do it like you do.

With love,


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