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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Your Inner Circle Is More Than Enough

We are only capable of giving from what we have, what we are on the inside. The mix of our spirituality, personality and vision in life is directly interconnected to the people we attract and consequently to those who become part of your inner circle or tribe (like others might call it). Having mentioned this it is important for us to know that once we know who we are, what we have and what we want, we don’t need a stadium full of people in our inner circle. That will be everything and anything, but “inner”. In fact, when speaking of inner we are referring to everything situated inside, further in, and internalized; and this is vital to maintain peace and focus.

In order to be emotionally and spiritually stable, humans need stability. Wherever there is more amount of anything the harder will be to accomplish such stability. Therefore, when examining your life and inner circle be at peace, be happy and feel complete with having just a few persons closer to your heart. They basically have a piece of your heart in their hands; and your heart, mind and health my dear is extremely valuable. Not everybody deserves to be close, not everybody gets you a hundred percent and that is completely okay. Be okay with who you are, even in those times when you would like to improve. Life is about progress and transformation, but don’t you ever forget that you have what and whom it takes to be better, to do better, and to help you reach for success and prosper in everything you decide to undertake.

Your tribe, the inner circle you count with is more than enough!

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