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Inspirational Sunday: When You Have a Charming Boy

Motherhood is just a wonderful experience on its own and there are some perks that come with it depending on the sex of the children you have. Today I want to talk to you about how great is the experience when God choses you to be the mother of a wonderful boy. In my case his name is Nathan, a four-year-old boy that has me hanging of his heart and eating from his hand. Don’t get me wrong, I do have challenging times with him, really challenging I would say. But all his love pays off because of the unselfishness way he shows love towards me.

He is as intense as his Mama, but as playful and spontaneous as his Daddy. While his character and strong personality wants to be imposed, doing whatever he feels, whenever he feels like; he has learned to respect parental boundaries (at times more challenging than others). His magnificent phrases like: ‘I love you mama”, “I miss you so much”, and “can you sleep with me for a while?”, among so many others just melt my heart. Let me tell you, that when you have a son you don’t need anybody else to make you feel as beautiful, as special and as loved as he does. No other arms on earth can make you feel so loved and vulnerable at the same time as your son’s arms. Feel free to love and embrace them like no other woman would ever do. At the same time, teach him the standards on how to treat other women and how he should be treated and respected in return.

Get dressed with lots of love and embrace the assignment to raise your charming boy!

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