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Inspirational Sunday: When We Become Victims of Stress

Stress is and will always be a topic of interest when it has to do with the integral well-being of women. It is defined as the global response we offer towards external circumstances that can potentially affect our emotional and physiological equilibrium. Therefore, it is easily knowledgeable when stress is affecting us; the emotional response we tend to offer to events it is pretty much more out of control. You can be more easily irritated and sensitive than the rest of the time. In addition to that, the body suffers some consequences, it can cause headaches, pain in your back, muscles and hair fall; and the list can go on till more serious consequences like panic attacks.

Because of family dynamics, work situations, schoolwork, issues with your spouse or other people, it is always important that we may stay alert about it. My intention it is not to only repeat what you already know, but to create awareness that just as you acknowledge it, you might be able to apply some techniques and be diligent in an assertive way. Here I offer you some scientifically proven techniques you can apply in order to reduce the stress levels:

1. Pray or meditate

2. Do exercises

3. Acquire and practice new hobbies

4. Spend some time in the outdoors

5. Do breathing exercises

6. Connect with your support system

7. Sleep the necessary hours for the mind and body to recover

8. Learn to say no when something or someone does not add anything in your life

9. Spend time with yourself

Like I had mentioned before, the only person that will continuously walk with you throughout your life is yourself. Therefore, learn to treat your mind, body and soul with diligence, enjoy your company and love yourself deeply so you don’t expose your body to high levels of stress. When it wants to take control of you, say no and apply the techniques I previously mentioned, those that better work for you.

Do not be a stress victim, nor of your mind. Be diligent, acquire strategies and get dressed in peace!

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