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Inspirational Sunday: Veronica Garcia the Television Hostess and Community Leader

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Today you will get to know more in depth about Veronica Garcia’s life. She is an Ecuadorian immigrant, woman, mother, host and producer of “Presencia” and Director of “National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference” of MA chapter. Her love for communications started in Ecuador when she was a teenager and she did not forget about it when she moved to Connecticut, USA pursuing a better quality of life. She had the opportunity to volunteer and be a host on a show called “De Mujer a Mujer” in a TV station at New Haven, CT. She described this opportunity as a miracle because by then, Veronica was not legal and did not know any English. If something was clear in her mind was the goal to learn and grow in everything she had as a dream. By the time she was 21, she moved to Springfield, MA and made it her home. Later she became a wife and mother of two, which allowed her to appreciate different things in life. Even though she put on hold some of her personal goals, this decision did not stop her from reaching them later. Within the communications field, Univision Hartford and Radio Amor opened the doors for her to work with them. Let’s explore her testimony together:

1. When did you start to have the desire to contribute to your community and which part of it do you enjoy the most?

The yearning to help people in general began not only in clerical work but I understood the need of bringing resources to the Christian community as long as the general population early in my life. My motto is “There is no other way to serve than serving”. When I understood that God gave me the privilege of having resources, people, a community, and support, I wondered how the community can connect with these resources. Then I realized that I had the power of communications in my hands, the gifts that God has given me as being able to socialize with any type of persons, in any social and cultural fields. That kind of experience enriched me in terms of relationships and knowing how to use the ability to connect to others could be a great blessing. Then my desire to serve and do different things make me wonder the power of working for the welfare of the community in general by putting aside everything that could be an obstacle in terms of beliefs and misunderstanding. I was able to become a facilitator that promoted respect and I saw myself as someone capable of getting others to serve in their call, gift and talent. One of the things I enjoy the most is producing the bilingual TV show, “Presencia”. Presencia is a platform that capture the story of Latin American community that inspire, engage, and enhance the social spirit. I really enjoy knowing the stories of my guests, learn the different resources or community has to offer, expanding my network, and making new connections.

2. Do you consider yourself an influential woman? How that does make a difference in terms of the aspects you can advocate for?

I never wanted to ask myself that question, to avoid feeling myself proudful. Two years ago, I desired to help my community by organizing big events. I experimented what a person of influence I was by the positive response of sponsors, volunteers and the outcomes. I organized it not for seeking recognition but for passion and willing to help.

I've always been a hard worker, so that's what I focus on and that led me to be on positions that I didn't even ask for. A good friend told me once, “Leaders are not by position or years of experience, but by the influence they can achieve in others”. All this make me realize that the best influence I must be able to give is not just to the people in general, but moreover to my children. The major satisfaction is listening to my sons talking about my achievement make me feel that all sacrifices are worth it since I never left them behind but part of the process and outcomes. I must take seriously the influence I have because what I say or stop saying will always influence others.

3. From the TV show “Presencia”, to political activities, to creating collaborations between churches and the community, your contributions are many. What is the best motivation you have when challenging times appear?

Something I have learned from the experiences is that they have been glimpses of glory since I acknowledge these are not all. I have faced solitude, criticism, envy, but the challenges have brought me back to the root of my inner being. Speaking with God and letting him know how I feel in my prayer time motivates me to not give up and face any challenge because I consider him the source of my strength. I value everything that God has invested in me. It makes me evolve day after day and year after year. Right now, I am in the middle of a professional transition and it brings me to reflect on what is my purpose. Despite the challenges and difficult times, I’ve learned to love and value myself more.

4. Tell us a little bit of our future projects.

In my professional career, I’m focused now to explore and create content to share in other media platforms. I want to let a legacy with the actual projects, events and leadership opportunities. I also want to continue traveling and invest in real estates.

My expectations are that Veronica’s story motivated you to always be a better version of yourself, to trust your instincts and passion while listening to God’s purpose for your life. John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens while you are busy making plans”. Such a true statement, but it is as powerful as the fact that you only need a passionate/driven heart to achieve whatever you put your mind into.

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