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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: There is Always Someone Who Cares for You

You should be firm, strong, exceptional, mature, and capable to deal with everything life throws at you. These are only a few of the surreal expectations that we as women carry most of the time. The society and ourselves, put us into this space that only produces emotional stress, lack of affection and mental loneliness. This seems to choke our lives every time we confront everything by ourselves. Dear woman who is reading this, by personal experience I want to tell that while there are journeys you should navigate by yourself, there are others in which is okay to be vulnerable with those who are the closest to you. You are a human being who feels, who gets overwhelmed at times, and therefore you are in your right to experience all type of emotions. But never forget that you’re not alone. There is power when you allow those people God has sent to your live to be close and help with whatever is affecting you. Look at your surroundings and identify those who have earned that place. They will always be able to offer comfort, serenity, peace and hug you when you most need it. Be appreciative of the gift of their presence in your life. You are not alone, you will never be!

Get dressed with wisdom and value the presence of those who dry the tears on your checks!
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