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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: The Simplicity of Human Relations

It is simpler than we might think, but more complicated from what we would like because of our constant interventions. That is the great dynamic of our human relations. Those that surround us are the ones God allows us to be surrounded with during this path called life. Nevertheless, day by day we put so much effort in complicating things. In creating situations where sometimes there was never a motive and into magnifying those that already exist. We decide to hold onto pride, justifications, and bitter reasons; they are always justifiable in our eyes when we don’t like or want to listen.

Like Bernard Baruch once said “Most of the successful people I have known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” To actually listen to others is an art, if we only decide to do it with sympathy and empathy. That capacity to be sensitive and to understand the ways others think and experience events, without necessarily understand or being in agreement with them all the time. If you truly have valuable relationships in your life, don’t lose them; don’t lose them because of pride, lack of patience or lack of communication. Life is too short to deny the opportunity to have meaningful relationships. In most of the occasions, we don’t need too much but only the beating of two hearts that love each other to enjoy of a beautiful and meaningful person in our lives.

Value and embrace those relationships God blessed your life with. Get dressed with understanding and preserve the simplicity of human relations!

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