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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: The Relevance of Self-Care

To take care of those that surround us it is extremely important, but to take care of ourselves is as equally as important. In order for us to be functional and to be mentally/spiritually stable it is indispensable that our ‘’me time” takes place and be respected by ourselves and by those that surround us. It is not possible to drink from an empty cup and on the same not, it is not possible for us to pour into others those aspects that we are lacking. With that said, please be intentional, set aside your ‘’me time’’ periodically. That can be once a month, once every other month, but please do so. A time where you can be relaxed, stress free, cultivating your spirit, your mind, and to recharge your spirit and mind. There is infinity of possibilities; from getting a massage, a pedicure/manicure, doing your salt baths, going to the beach to hear the waves, going on a natural open space to hear nature’s noises, even having the house to yourself so you can read in silence. You can always decide if this is something you want to do alone or even with a friend, but make sure that nothing else gets on the way of your self-care time.

Self-Care was, is and will always be essential part of what composes you as a woman. Is needed to keep on growing and modifying known and unknown aspects of yourself. That is life. We get old and our likes, interests, goals and inner circles change all the time; but what never changes it is our need to be healthy.

Taking our “me time” is intrinsically essential for our, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being. So today be intentional and take time for you!

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