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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: The Liberating Power of Saying No!

Life is filled with complex moments and processes. In my particular case, at the end of last year life itself thought me a marvelous lesson. Life is too short for us to live it pleasing everybody else more than ourselves. There is a liberating power that exists when we say no to projects or ideas that are irrelevant. Is it easy to accomplish? Being completely honest it is not, but relevant a hundred percent.

I can say that when we lack passion, strength and resources to develop any type of role, we are already losing the battle. It is vital to have conviction and energy to undertake assignments. I’m taking you on this path so you can observe your life as a puzzle, where essential parts are needed and the key to put it together is willpower. If by any chance you think that you should say no to somebody today, simply do it. Don’t wait for tomorrow or next year. At the end of the day, you and only you are responsible for your peace of mind and for the diligence with which you decide to live.

Get dressed with determination and say no to everything that delays, drains or that is not relevant for the woman you deserve to be today!

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