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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: The Elegance of the Heart

Difficult is the transit of our bodies through this path called life. Therefore, if on top of that we add a conceited, haughty and insensitive heart, is too little what a woman will be able to achieve. I don’t know if you have found people in your life that even without direct interaction you can say they are extraordinary. If you answer is yes, your appreciation of their beauty comes from the way they carry themselves. Definitely our heart can be projected in every single thing we do; in how we talk, in how we treat others and in our desire to go through life leaving a positive legacy on those that we touch.

I heard from a philosopher that the body and mind should be exercise on daily basis. Just like the Bible mentions, beauty is vain if only resides in the physical aspect. The spiritual and emotional beauty is vitally important. Decide to work on them, learn to manage your thoughts assertively, treat others with respect, proceed in a maturely manner when you find yourself in conflicts, ask for forgiveness even if that implies to kill your pride, acknowledge that you don’t know everything and there is always space to learn from others. One of the greatest designers of all times Yves Saint Laurent once said, without elegance of the heart, there is no elegance.

It is important to have a harmony between our outside appearance and what we carry inside. Dare to dress your heart of the valuable elegance!

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