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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Spread Your Sparkle on Others Wherever You Go

Everything you are, what you have, what you are an expert doing, what you have passion for, what you know, it is not for you to keep it. Kate Spade once said: “she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes”; and I love to think that when she wrote it, she was referring to the powerful and hopeful act that it is to share and give others from what we have. Never ever should be a heaviness act to give from what we have, but a blessing to do so. I can truly testify that even in moments of tiredness or discouragement (when I thought I was not doing enough or impacting lives) I have always received gratifying words and testimonies of transformation and impact. From those who observe and take our walk as an example and motivation, the same walk that in many occasions because of foolishness or ignorance we tend to despise or take for granted.

To you, who are reading this, yes you! Take out of your mind the insignificant vision of every action you do or even the roles you develop on regular basis. You must know that you matter, what you do is valuable and stay conscious that you are leaving a little bit of sparkle everywhere you go. Therefore, knock down every negative thought and keep on shinning; you do it gracefully!

With much love,


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