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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Rise Up Like a Lioness

After listening to some documentaries and reading some literature I found myself fascinated with the lioness and her roles. In my opinion she is everything that I want to be and do in life. The lioness hunts for her family, with much wisdom she seeks for the pray and coordinates the moves for success. In addition she protects her cubs from strangers and external danger; while doing this she nurtures her whole family. Definitely one of my favorite aspects that I learned from her was the fact that she serves her lion and not in a slave way, but she genuinely loves and cares in a way that allows her to want to see her king succeed while impeding external attack towards him.

In every single angle you look, the lioness is a queen. She embodies wisdom and grace, while she moves with splendor and vigilance. Let the lioness behavior speak to you, she is God’s creation and I personally believe that he created everything and anything so that we can learn from it; like the famous saying reads “watch and learn”. As women, wives, mothers, professionals and many other roles lets be determined to learn from her. Inspiration comes in many ways and we can definitely take away from her how to move with wisdom and grace, while remaining vgilant and focused.

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