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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Protect Your Investments

Investment is defined as the action or process of investing money for profit or a material result. Today we are not talking about money, but about investment as the active action and motivation to and for everything we do. From where we go, to whom we spend time with, to the activities we merge ourselves into. Because there is a reciprocate interaction of what we give and a product (tangible or not) that comes back.

Having the investment portion in mind is vital for our present and our future. This way we can become way more intentional and jealous about what we invest; knowing that it will always come back. With that said, be productive and wise when choosing what to invest and with whom you are investing it with. People or places can take advantage of you and give zero profit in return, but in the contrary side there are people and places that will return you double or more of the investment. Double of your time, energy and resources will always be a great deal. Use your Godly given instinct and discernment to see through moments and potential, your life can not be waisted because of wrong investments.

Having in consideration that this is and will be vital portion of your life decide to get dressed with wisdom and great intentions. Invest with what, whom and where is right!

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