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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Persistence is Key, Be Strong and Courageous!

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in the control freak zone, wanting to have every single aspect under control, absolutely everything under control within us and in those that surround our lives. Nevertheless, by just wishing this we are paving the way to experience failure and disappointment. By not having everything under control, we can truly experience growth and maturity, and that my dear is absolutely fine; is not the end of the world if things don’t go exactly as we wanted or anticipated. The perfect amount of virtue is already in us to persist and succeed.

On a daily basis, be determined to STOP your tasks for a few minutes; get dressed with patience and faith, put on your better smile or the fierce look if you need to. After it, continue to walk, jog, swim, jump if needed, but definitely keep on going. After all, no masterpiece was created with the blink of an eye. Even in the midst of tiredness, external critics, and self-critic: you need to persist! Never allow your emotions, other people, trivial factors, or those things you feel like you have not reach yet, to determine the person you are called to be.

Today get dressed with persistence and courage, and walk with confidence. You are capable!

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