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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Our Minds Are like Fish Tanks

This topic is very relevant in my life. As a woman that over analyzes everything, from events to people; it has been a hard process through my thirty years of life. It is not a matter of stopping being me, but to allow God to take control of my mind and emotions.

There are no aspects that I wish to make seem less bad. This is about work and commitment with yourself that must be done daily. Particularly mentioning the “fish in the tank of our mind”; they are all those little thoughts that sometimes stay prowling and create waste and dirt in our minds. The mind is the place where determination, dreams, visions, life plans, memories are. It is essential to take attention and care of it. If you ever had or visualize a literal fish tank, you will know that it takes a lot of work and care. Fish are constantly creating dirt that sticks to the walls and don’t allow clear visibility. Each day dedicate a time frame to pray, commit to breathe and to love yourself without thinking in nothing else that is not your spiritual and mental wellbeing. Your stability is important, analyze what is not working, get rid of those ‘’fishys’’ (whatever they are) and get filled with fresh water. Get nurtured and allow yourself to cultivate a healthy mindset.

Stress free, worries free and sadness free. Today get dressed with His peace and joy, breathe and appreciate the best version of yourself!

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