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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Nurture Yourself, It’s a Lifetime Project

When you think and visualize yourself, there are plenty of aspects you can appreciate. The same way you appreciate them, I want to invite you into a process in which you might be able to realize that each one of them should be nurtured, infuse life and nurture. Because you should receive as much as you give.

To say lifetime can sound like a very long term, but as much as you live you deserve to live a truly prosperous life and without finding yourself in exhaustion majority of the time. Because of it, be intentional with yourself and get nurtured! Nurture your spirit with prayer and meditation on your own, because silence is necessary to listen and develop spiritual strength. Nurture your soul with stillness and breathing moments that will allow you to appreciate and develop direct contact with everything you feel. Nurture your mind acquiring new knowledge, in the way you prefer the most and this won’t allow your brain to be rusty. Nurture your body with unique moments where you can exercise, move and put into action your energy. God gave it to you, so let it flow. Also, create balance with all things that your body and senses consume, consuming waste will always produce waste, but consuming good and healthy stuff will only produce life, positivity and synergy.

At the end of the day, you came into this world with one spirit, one soul, one mind and one body. So commit and put effort daily, be intentional and diligent. To be nurtured is something you owe to your gorgeous self!

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