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Inspirational Sunday: Multiples Titles, One Salary

Today we start with a list:





-Travel agent


-Social Worker



-Home Interior Designer

-Body Guard

-Hair Stylist

-Landscaping Staff


-Party planner

-Car Wash Staff

-Uber Driver






-Fashion Stylist

I fervently believe that even if we like to read with just reading the list of titles above, we got tired halfway through it. It Is amazing the amount of titles we developed without a paycheck. I would love for you to listen to my laugh right now, but obviously that’s impossible through words. The purpose of this blog, in which I got help from women on my personal Facebook account it is not to complain at all, but just to have a moment of awareness and admiration. Because there is nothing wrong with the fact that at times you can just sit and by the grace of God admire everything you can achieve or do with the labor of your mind and hands.

When I sat down and wrote the list, I got a slap on my face; daily we wake up, get dressed, and go out and thrive for us and ours. We do many things without pay and sometimes not even receiving a grateful attitude from others. Therefore, today I want to give you thanks, thank you for doing what you dare to do. I take my symbolic hat off because you deserve it, because you wear many titles and are not recognized for it enough. Thank you for serving others, for serving your community and your country. Giving always the best of yourself. I also would like to say that just like you develop your titles without extra pay, be determined to do good to yourself as well. With you, for you and just because! Reward yourself; after all you are working hard enough.

With much love,


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