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Inspirational Sunday: Mastering Time Management

I will begin by saying that I don’t consider myself the queen of time-management. In fact, most of the days I only want to be laying down, with my hair undone and wearing pajamas. Nevertheless, that is not real life, we all need to work really hard for every single thing we want. How do we look is not an exception, so I am going to offer you a few practical tips that might help you to be more organized through the day. In such way that you might be able to live every day with the less amount of stress possible. You will be able to go out looking like you have everything under control.

First you need to know that everything is build and nurtured in your mind; so take deliberate decisions to be good to yourself and put in practice these or other tips that might help you. Here you have some things that work for me:

1. Wake up with enough time to get ready (don’t ignore your alarm).

2. Pick your outfit the previous night. A well thought outfit will help boost your mood for the day.

3. Have your breakfast, just like your car, your body needs the energy food provides.

4. Go out to conquer and even if you work from home, conquer your day with the best attitude towards your daily routine (this requires constant effort).

5. At night time be intentional with taking a time for you. A time where after you leave everything ready for the next day you can also relax and rest your mind. Avoid loud noises, read, listen to music and practice routines that will provide peace before going to sleep.

All of these tips do not guarantee a perfect daily routine and time management, but they can definitely help. I personally can see a difference when my routine is altered, like something as simple as me not waking up on time. As a disclaimer for all the mommies out there, these strategies can also work for your little ones. The better they rest, the better mood they will have in the morning time and that will avoid you stress and headaches. So be intentional with yourself and with your little ones as well.

Get dressed with strategies; organize your routine and be the queen of your days!

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