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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Life Will Make You Wiser

Processes, places and relationships have serious aspects in common; all of them move us from one maturity level to another in life. The reason is simple, all of them implicate stability and that stability can be somehow threatened by one or more reasons in certain seasons in our lives. Voluntarily or involuntarily, the course of our path takes us to develop maturity and resilience through mental, physical and spiritual processes. The person we were during adolescence will never be the person we are in this precise moment. Even physiologically, our brain has grown, expanded and stores new information.

It is very probable that the neighborhood we live on, the college we go to, the place we work, the stores we shop and the recreational places we visit have changed over the years. Spaces are just that, empty places that get adjusted depending on the season or need. The fact that relationships also suffer alterations, either we want it or not, those around us are meant to be there forever or for a season. People change and the motivation for relationships changes with them.

Processes, places and relationships take us into an introspection in which we would be able to realize that they can change, but everything will end up working in our favor. All the processes we experiment throw-out life have a purpose. They will help us to be wiser, to have better judgment and understand better whatever we will go through. As long as we want it, it will happen and help us to live as the best version of ourselves.

Get dressed with optimism and have the conviction that life will make you wiser!

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