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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Having Faith

Our life path is composed by processes and moments. Something that they have in common is the fact that they don’t leave us being the same and they will never will. For that same reason is that we need to have faith, yes to have faith. Because life without it lacks hope and significance. Faith in God, in the future, in yourself and in those that are surrounding you, in your heart desires and in a better future. It will always be necessary to have faith.

Faith is defined as the “certainty of what is expected” biblically and as “a total believe sentiment” humanly speaking. It will not leave place, nor space for doubt, even if some in-satisfaction moments, frustration or tiredness; faith puts all its strength in the firm conviction that what is expected will happen. It will be that way if you are brave, willing, if you renew your mind and go the extra mile. Have it in yourself and do not let it run dry; you have what it takes to cultivate it and make it grow. I guarantee you that within every single one of your circumstances it would be worth it to have it.

Decide to embrace and make room for faith in your life. It will always and forever be necessary that you get dressed with it and with hope as well.

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