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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Finding Who You Are

As women, we need to have in mind that our identity is not found in social paradigms, neither in the overrated image of how society portrays us to be. Our identity is not solely defined by our everyday activities and the roles we play. Rather, it is something deeper that goes beyond all those aspects. But how can we find it?

In life we are destined to fulfill different roles. From being a daughter to becoming a mother, from being a student to becoming a professional (even if you are staying at home, you are still working), from being a girlfriend to becoming a wife; there is always a role for us to fulfill. Through a constant introspection process, we need to have in mind that our roles do not define our essence. Who we are cannot be lost in our daily living and in what we do for others.

In order for our identity to be found, it first needs to be searched. The seeking process should be guided by our personal spiritual relationship with God. His plan for our lives will be revealed and cultivated having in consideration what we like, our ambitions, passions and unique qualities. This design was given to us exactly at the moment we were born, and has been shaped by the environment we grew in. All these contributions gave form to our heart, and fear should not be an obstacle to let it shine bright.

Be intentional and take moments to love, take care and definitely cultivate your gorgeous self. You are unique, you are valued, and the assignment you were created for, cannot be taken away by absolutely anyone. I invite you to walk through your life’s runway.

Dress it up and live it with the best version of yourself!

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