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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Filling Motherhood Shoes

Motherhood can be one of the most challenging assignments a woman can encounter in her life, and there are a lot of aspects that come along with it. A selfless and limitless love that cannot be explained in a physical level, but it also comes with unexplainable guilt levels when the fear of not be filling the shoes properly. The reality is that even human love is imperfect. As mothers we are called to love and endure, but never to be perfect. I strongly believe that there should be a teachable spirit and willingness to perform the role with excellence and unselfishness. Excellence is shown through love, discipline, guidance and allowing the children to learn from their mistakes. Then we will be able to be the best mothers they could ever have.

A really wise woman have said to me in a bunch of occasions, “don’t be so hard on yourself!”. Even if you make mistakes but ask for forgiveness, they will always know that there is nothing worth separating them from your love. There is no masterpiece in this planet earth created without love, passion, effort, patience and dedication. Believe that you can and that you can fill the motherhood shoes.

Dare to walk with one of the best and gorgeous pair of shoes you will ever own, without guilt or self-claims!

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