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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Fighting Sadness

Sadness can be inoffensive, natural and essential part of our human walk. It is vital within our core emotional system and as a matter of fact, if it was not because we can experience it, we would not be able to truly enjoy joy at full capacity. Nevertheless, we might be in trouble if instead of experience it and keep going; we (involuntarily) rely on it for too long. With all the empathy of the entire world, I invite you to experience it in occasions, but do not get too comfortable sitting in sadness living room.

Your life, your heart, and your path deserve a version of you who is healthy physically and emotionally. Do not allow yourself to be bombarded for a longer period that you won’t be able to handle. Allow yourself to practice resilience and to recover; cry, scream, sob, pour out your tears and feel the pain. But at the same time get up, get dressed, clean up your face and keep going. Because your life matters, because there will be always someone who will make you laugh, because you will always have a motive to celebrate and because you will only overcome everything that you decide to overcome. Your story it’s been written every single day and even though sadness will make some apparitions, it will never be your final destiny.

Beautiful and Brave, fight with your joyfulness the sadness that wants to invade you!

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