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Inspirational Sunday: Cultivating True Beauty

The external beauty is no other thing but the reflection of those aspects that are primarily cultivated in the spirit and soul. With that said, I want to take you in a reading that will challenge your introspection process, so you can be able to identify every single aspect that composes your beautiful self. Starting with your personality, your characteristics, the desires of your heart, and by consequence how all of it is reflected in your physical appearance. Its relevance relays in the fact that it is completely useless to get all "glammed" in the exterior, if every single internal aspect is not aligned with the dignity that a virtuous woman should wear every single day of her life.

Every genuine and timeless beauty goes hand-on-hand with a tender spirit, sweetness, mildness, interest to help and inspire others; and the hunger to constantly grow and evolve. The reality is that years go by, we change, we acquire more maturity and we are supposed to even acquire more intelligence. Nonetheless, a really wise woman once said to me "without wisdom everything else is irrelevant". Wisdom is needed to be assertive, to know when is time to speak and time to be quiet, to touch others and give them space, to conduct ourselves in our daily lives. More than how cool or fancy our outfits look, may we be diligent and cultivate our inner beauty first. Peace of mind and heart always has a positive repercussion in a rested face and a healthy body. Meet your inner self, have alone time with her, challenge her and make her feel comfortable to walk with you at the same time. When all of it is in order, everything that you may add on the outside will be only an addition to enhance the beauty that is already on the inside.

I invite you to embellish the other you, the one that resides on the inside and who is reflected in your exterior at all times. Dare to get her dressed and cultivate your true inner beauty!

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