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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Care About Your Seeds

Have you ever thought about the impact of the words that come out of your mouth? Even the Bible mentions the tongue has the power of life and death but also the capacity to work as a seed and flourish or to dry the life of others. When these aspects are taken in consideration we are much more responsible with everything we speak about ourselves, about our families about those that surround us, about our projects and future.

Thinking about the process that seeds go through, they need to be planted and taken care of for them to give good and abundant fruit. Be a wise woman, determined to choose your words carefully, to sow them with love, tenderness and to see them grow in everyone and everything around you. Because everything you undertake have been placed in your hands to give abundant fruit and to be multiplied. Impart life, breath and edify with your words (seeds). Beginning with yourself and then out to others who might need from you desperately. Say no to fatalism and decide to sow life.

Get dressed with prudence, sow wise words and observe the seeds germinate!

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