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Inspirational Sunday: Being the Mother of Girls

Anecdote with Daniela: While I was looking myself in the mirror and criticizing those aspects of my body that I did not like, she took the time to tell me: those aspects don’t matter Mami, you are beautiful!

It is a very hard and huge responsibility to be the mother of girls. They watch very closely and carefully every single step you take as a woman, wife and as a mother to then follow your example. Sometimes is not easy to have a positive thought of your image when facing a mirror, but I have learned that is a very crucial factor. That is what you are modeling to them most of the time, solidifies their self-image and helps them to see themselves in the way God does.

As a mother and as a woman, teach them to love themselves, to accept themselves and to enjoy their unique qualities, imperfections and to constantly pursue with a burning passion every one of their goals. In the same way it happened to me, at some point you may slip but those girls with a wise spirit will be capable to lift you up, to teach you and to reroute your thoughts.

Sarah and Daniela, is not always easy, but to raise you it is delightful to my soul. I will get dressed with courage to finish this great assignment God gifted me with!

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