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Inspirational Sunday: Be the Kind of Daughter Who Gives the Extra Mile

I have to begin this letter saying that no role has been more emotionally challenging in life for me than the role of being a daughter. Not the best relationship was fostered while I was growing up. Nevertheless, here I am to expose that no traumas, bad habits, hurts or mistakes our parents made should stop us from our responsibility to honor them. Honor them by being empathetic to what they went through while growing up; honor them enough to respect the fact that we cannot change them, but we can change our perspective and love them without conditions. Honor them by receiving their love language towards us (that not always is with words) and reciprocate them.

Not always easy, but adulthood, maturity and in my case motherhood teach us that there is no love as unconditional as the one our parents have for us. Full of imperfections, but as well of good intentions. Pay attention to their actions, dedication and attempts to please you; in there you will find the perfect amount of love and hard work. That will fill you up with willingness to go the extra mile, to remind them you love them, to remind them you appreciate their investment in your life, to remind them you will ever be there.

Get dressed with love and be that daughter who gives the extra mile!

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