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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Be Kind to Yourself, You are Imperfectly Perfect

The way in which every woman is constantly highlighting their own flaws can be exhausting and cruel. I’m guilty of it too. Because of it, we need to put effort and focus in what really matters and take time purposely to clean our mind of a poor and fatal self-image.

On this day repeat with me: God did not take the time to create me for me to be unsatisfied about myself! Without a doubt, we are a gorgeous masterpiece! It does not matter how much we weight, the texture of our hair, breast size, our lips shape, our body height or even our tone of voice. What truly matters is everything we have in the inside, the beauty of our spirit and soul, our willingness to live, the greatness of our kindness, the selfless acts we do while serving our family and others that surround us. We shine because of unique qualities, a beauty that is imperfectly perfect.

Get your spirit, mind, body and soul dressed with the same kindness you treat others!

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