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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Sunday: Allow Yourself to Achieve Your Dreams

It is ok to dream been awake or asleep, but it is important to materialize those dreams that you once dreamed of, that you are currently dreaming about and even those that you will be dreaming in the future. Because of nature and human design, you will always have dreams and you should be able to believe that each one of them are obtainable and achievable with much effort, consistency, determination, hard work and the adequate resources. Life is much more than to be breathing, walking, fulfilling your basic biological needs, go to school and/or work, have a family, pay bills and die. If you are currently living just doing the things mentioned above, and not dreaming at all, let me tell you that you are living life in an insignificant way.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams; and there is nothing as truthful as this. Eleanor was a political figure, diplomate and activist who recognized if you can dream, you can achieve it. All the programs, businesses, architectures, designs, families and more; everything that has been humanly created started as an idea in someone’s head. Later that idea became a dream, and the dream took a shape with a specific plan. It is extremely essential that you identify the heavy weight dreams will have throughout your life and purpose. They will shape your future if you put all the necessary effort to achieve them. They don’t happen just because, but once again they are extremely aligned with the purpose God created you to live.

With that said, stop believing you are crazy, stop believing they are too big or unachievable, stop blaming others or your surroundings for past frustrations. Better yet, focus all your energy, effort and resources into them, get your vision into action and make your dreams happen.

I believe in you, now it’s your turn!

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