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Inspirational Monday: The Environment Does Not Determine Your Outcome

One of the things I personally enjoy the most in life is to get to know people who are innate over-comers. Because life can be tough, but there are some amazing warriors; those people with an extraordinary capability to overcome any challenge and to avoid all the stones that are thrown at them. That is the case with a woman I had the experience of meeting a few months ago. She spent seven years of her life living in foster care and having a very difficult childhood. When she mentioned foster care, I already knew there were broken parts in her while growing up. Her childhood, development and safety were compromised. Nevertheless the best part of her story is not the beginning, but instead where is she standing at the present day. I’m reserving her name, but I can testify of the great woman she is and I had the privilege to meet and listen. She is a great human and business woman, whose vital purpose in life is to serve others. The living example of those that did not have anything in her early stages, and want to make a change by giving to others a portion of what they currently have. Makeup and fashion are her passion, but even more her desire to give back to the community. To sow seeds in a way to foster kids and providing a platform for other business women to be part of fashion shows. This woman is definitely a gem and I have no doubt that she will leave her legacy on this earth.

Always remember, you were beautifully and wonderfully created by God to live your life and to serve others. The environment you grew in does not have the power to determine your future. No matter the circumstances, shake your shoulders off and keep walking because your future looks bright my dear!

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