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  • Iris Rosario

Inspirational Monday: Look at the Bigger Picture

There are certain moments in life where we find ourselves trapped in a dark and frustrating place. Situations that appear to have no solution steal our joy and make everything seem non sense. Nevertheless, I believe that all of us can agree with the fact that once the situation has been resolved we can look at the past to gain another perspective, the outside and from afar perspective. The one that helps us to appreciate that the calmer we remain the quicker and easier would have been resolved and give whatever was needed from us.

From personal experience I have known the effect of frustration and anger has in the body and mind, but I also can say that the longer I live the more capable I am of realizing that a deep breath, listening to instrumental music, praying, to be in contact with nature and to simply express the frustration with someone else helps to develop and gain a new perspective on the matter. No matter our age, nor temper, lets implement it and it will save us headaches, anger issues, and frustration. The same versatile and wise woman inside of us will gift us with longer years of life. The less we stress, the more we can look at the bigger picture.

Be blessed today and forever, you have what it takes!

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