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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Welcome Lady Lace

White and Blue Striped Dress paired with a Lace Shirt Dress and Neon Orange Heels to complement the look.

Developed in Europe during the 16th century, lace has been a favorite for women for its romantic and feminine appeal. An all-time favorite type of fabric, that is what lace is and represents all year long. It always finds the way to reappear in a reinvented way that allows it to stay relevant and appealing to women from all ages. This spring-summer season directly from the runways of Alexander Wang, Carolina Herrera and Burberry, lace is here to make you look fabulous. From fairy tale princesses, to regal elegance, to sweetness and sexiness, this fabric will satisfy all your fashionable needs. Lace is capable of evoking so many feelings and emotions within its wearer and even the observer. A classic yet sexy and feminine, are just some of the attributes this fabric will have on you. Own the classiness of it, while at the same time you add some modern feel to it. Dare to wear it in a simplistic way, keeping it as your statement piece allowing it to be the focal point; or play with additional factors if the eclectic style and a daring personality accompany your style. These additional touches might be a pop of colors, textures like denim and prints while wearing lace; creativity is never a wrong idea. Never fear the amazing attributes it will add on you, because life is too short for you not to implement variety of fabrics into your wardrobe.

Now and forever, lace will always be for you!

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