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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Time to Rock Your Bleached Denim

The term denim was originated in a region of France called (de Nîmes). This type of  fabric year by year finds the way to be re-designed successfully. Unimaginable is that this fabric was first used as work clothes, then as symbol of social disobedience, and today serves as one of the most recurrent and popular clothing pieces that is implemented in almost every single person’s wardrobe. For this particular season of Spring-Summer 2019 fashion shows from the houses of Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and Balmain, among others; have brought the bleached denim as the star of the show. It goes through acid wash and bleached to have that look. This particular denim finish while extremely dynamic and fun, it adds automatic visual volume. Therefore you need to be careful when adding it to the biggest part of your body. Get to know your body proportions and be intentional at the time to add other colors, prints or pieces that offer you the proportional body type optical illusion. Like it always happens when creating an outfit which basic piece is denim; be intentional by adding elements and accessories that can take it from the basic look to the next level within the casual chic style.

Once you have it on, wear it with confidence and feel free to be your relaxed self!

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