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Fashionable Thursday: The Interaction between What You Wear and How Do You Feel

A while ago I had the opportunity to read the book “Mind What You Wear” by Karen Pine. In fact, I highly recommend it if you are interested in getting to know a little bit of fashion psychology, it is easy and fast to read. The awesomeness of reading this or other valuable resources within the fashion psychology is that you might be able to go in depth of the interaction there is among what you feel and how it is reflected in what you wear. At the same time, this is a reciprocal interaction and completely alters the mood of every person in a positive or negative way.

Whatever the reason that pushes and motivates you to get dressed in the mornings, I want you to have in mind that you and only you are the responsible to give a shape to your day. Your emotions can be easily altered by such a small factor that is the outfit you choose. Because colors, textures and shapes come with their own personality. Therefore, you are adding personality to the one you already own with every single piece you decide to wear on daily basis. I highly recommend that you choose bright colors and rich textures, especially when you know your mood might be as gray as in a rainy sky because of the hormonal changes we all experience. On the other hand I highly recommend you to go for the more neutral and solid color palette if your mood needs to be neutralized because of the activities you will be realizing on a specific day. To project maturity, safety and a neutral character go after black, brown, white and beige. To project playfulness and richness of personality go after bold colors like blues, pinks, yellows, oranges. To project sexiness and classiness go after reds, lace and leather. You can always go and read my style series blogs, because they as well include color recommendations and textures by style.

Having said that, allow your days to begin in a positively way with your own style, outfit and overall appearance. When your look is put together, your mind, self-esteem and confidence automatically will receive a huge boost. This is not something I invented myself, it is social science. The image you look on the mirror should be reflecting everything you are, what you are expecting to achieve and even the goals you are working towards.

Dare to give to the world a great version of yourself with what you wear, it will make you feel great!

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