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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Sweet and Lovely Pastels

While pastels were known as not a very appealing color palette during the Renaissance, they became more popular for painting purposes during the Baroque and Rococo Eras in the 17th and 18th centuries. We have discussed before that fashion is highly influenced by society movements and all types of artistic expressions; therefore, the fashion industry became an outlet as well to incorporate pastels in women’s garments. In the modern world it is almost by default that the pastel color palette takes over the spring-summer season every year. Because of the softness, calmness, nature blooming properties and their romantic appeal, we can appreciate them taking over the greatest designer houses spring-summer collections. During this 2019 Chanel and Off-White implemented them in the most fashionable ways you could imagine. Mixing them with interesting fabric choices and outfit propositions. While for the dark color lovers’ pastels can be appreciated as childish and hard to wear colors, but in contrast if paired in a very intentional way, they can be very chic and tasteful. To really own a rich variety of pastels, go for the soft pink, lavender, light blue, mint, light yellow, pale green, light turquoise, and lastly utilize white and beige to neutralize your outfit options. Pastels will provide a very rich variety of positive emotions like tranquility and positivity over the one who wears them and over the one who observes the wearer.

There is no reason to fear them, instead take your creativity for a walk and say yes to pastel color options this season!

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