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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Street Style

This is for the outgoing woman. The one who loves to display the mainstream culture through her personal fashion style. The street style originated from the British fashion culture and embodies a comprehensive approach to fashion, having in consideration what is historically happening in politics, music and arts in general. Society is constantly being influenced by the variety of ramifications that composes it. Ideas and attitudes towards certain issues are what later give space to trends. As of today, there are different trends ruling the street style department. Some of them are:

  • Oversized Clothing

  • Power Suits

  • Logo Mania

  • Swish Skirts

  • Denim Fever

  • Animal Prints

  • Plaid Prints

  • Dad Sneakers

  • White Shoes (boots and pumps)

  • Geometric Pumps

  • Variety of Glasses

  • Playful Handbags

If you are passionate about any of the aspects mentioned in the upper description, maybe is time for you to start transiting through the road of the streetwear. Don’t hesitate, life is too short and there is always room for experimentation within the fashion department.

Feel like yourself and take your inner street style for a walk!

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