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Fashionable Thursday: Spring-Summer Top Essentials

Second week of this series my DV Beauties and today we are touching basis on what you will need to acquire or to highlight from your wardrobe when it comes to the tops and/or third pieces department. Based on the runways and designer suggestions this season will be full of colors, textured fabrics, volume and prints; therefore, it is the time for you to experience and explore these options with an open mind and creative soul. It does not matter if you are the one who prefers a tailored, relaxed or a tighter fit, but the personality of the tops and third pieces you choose. They are part of the base of your outfit and therefore it cannot be taken lightly.

Let’s offer you some of the essential tops and third pieces you will be needing this season:

- Pastel Colored Tops: it does not matter if they casual or classy, pastel tops enhance the lady there is in every woman.

- Bright and Neon Colors: these colors have their own essence and presence; therefore, they will make you feel the most vivid, positive and festive once you put them on.

-Lightweight Cotton Sweaters: perfect to make you look cute, effortless, while at the same time covering you from the yet changing temperatures.

- Crochet and Lace Textured Tops: this is the season where more than ever these textures take the attention of the “ready to wear” industry. For every woman to highlight the romanticism there is in her.

-Ruffles and Layers: to add volume and personality to your personal appearance, take advantage of them. Specially if you have the “Bigger in the Bottom” Body Type.

-Animal Print is Going Nowhere Once Again: whichever is your favorite, but make sure to keep these visible in your wardrobe so you can take full potential out of them and mixed them with bright and interesting proposals this season.

-Denim Jackets and Tops are the essential casual piece: dear denim is here to help like every season. If you need a third piece but you don’t know which one it is, then denim is the route to go. It goes well with anything and everything you could think of.

-Cardigans, Kimonos and Dusters: specially if they are of an interesting color, texture or print to add the ultimate touch to an outfit and elevate it from basic to a more stylish one.

I hope this guide or list have helped you to make inventory of what you already own and what you need if you are looking to complete the list of your essentials this season. The important thing is to never forget that clothes are just accessorizing what you already are and have on the inside. Have fun while getting dressed and don’t forget to reach to me if you need. I’m here for you anytime!

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