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Fashionable Thursday: Spring-Summer Dresses/Jumpsuits Essentials

Last and Final blog of this essentials series my DV Beauties! Today we are touching basis in the dresses and jumpsuits department, because when the entire pandemic is over we are going to be out and about. This too shall pass my beauties, so don’t get discouraged but creative and inspired for what is about to happen. So, when speaking about dresses and jumpsuits some of you might love or dislike them. To be completely honest I once was against both of them, but just like seasons change, I have change and now I am in an affair with both of them. Even though I am going to be offering some suggestions, dresses and jumpsuits should be something you truly feel like they appeal to your personality, taste and comfort needs.

With no further due, here are some of the ones you will need for the season:

-Pastels and Bright Colors: you will have options if your likes are more on the feminine and soft side or if you are more of a bold color type of woman.

-Color Blocked: be ready to put on your best combination of color blocked dresses and jumpsuits, you have options to choose like blue/green, fuchsia/orange, red/purple and more.

- Silky Fabric: this shiny fabric will be falling in your body like a dream with dresses and jumpsuits; just add a great body shaper underneath and you are all set.

-Florals: perfect for the floral print lovers, offering a very effortless chic and great look in just one piece of clothing.

-Bohemian Style: because it is a need in dresses and jumpsuits, to offer you comfort and great stylish vibes.

-Classic: this very chic silhouette does wonders in favor of your body, just get the appropriate fit when it comes to your classic jumpsuit and you will be all set.

-Boiler Suits and Utilitarian: these types of jumpsuits are great to make you look all put together, without hugging your body too much. So they are great to go basically anywhere and everywhere.

I do hope that you found this series very informative and benefited to your personal style and upcoming needs. There is a little bit of everything for every type of woman, no matter your style, body type nor age; there is room for all of us to choose great pieces that will make us look great and refreshed with just one outfit. May this season bring you nothing but joy to your daily life, routine or circumstances. Today and forever remember, life is your runway so dress it up and live it with the best version of yourself.

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