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Fashionable Thursday: Spring-Summer Color Palette for 2020

About that time of the year where we start talking about spring-summer season, which is just a few weeks away from us. Let’s recap! Color is fun, powerful and adaptive in terms of seasons, weather and culture. Therefore, Pantone takes the time to propose a color palette that molds to every fashion season and the rest is history. Designers of every industry take it in consideration and every “ready to wear” piece we can encounter has such influence engraved in it. Here is the Spring-Summer 2020 Color Palette Proposition:

Red - Flame Scarlet

Mustard – Saffron

Blue – Classic Blue

Mint – Biscay Green

Olive Green – Chive

Dusty Periwinkle – Faded Denim

Bright Coral – Orange Peel

Turquoise – Mosaic Blue

Beige – Sunlight

Pink – Coral Pink

Brown – Cinnamon Stick

Dusty Lilac – Grape Compote

Taupe – Lark

Navy Blue – Navy Blazer

White – Brilliant White

Gray – Ash

This particular year we have very rich and varied color proposals; from bright, pastels and neutrals there is something for everybody and taste. There is room for us to play and implement these colors in everything we wear or put on; from clothes, shoes, purses and accessories and also don’t forget the makeup department. Dare to play with them during this season and for your resort/vacation days as well. You can implement them on their own or paired with other colors that don’t need to be completely discarded because they are not on this year’s table. Also have in consideration your taste, likes and those colors that complement your skin tone the most when creating and wearing your outfit’s choices.

Say yes and go for the New Spring-Summer Color Palette this 2020!

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