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Fashionable Thursday: Spring-Summer Color Palette for 2019

It is time to talk about the color palette for spring-summer season. If there is something I truly enjoy it is to play with color combinations and the adaptation of them having in consideration the weather/fashion seasons. Nevertheless, here is a disclaimer and that is that rules are here just to be broken; so even though these are suggestions that do not mean that you cannot implement these colors during other seasons. In the fashion industry there is always room for adaptations and to alter what it is already expected.

Spring-Summer it is the time where we have the advantage to play with more pastels colors and cool tones while creating outfits. Have in mind that Pantone rules this department and they predetermine and suggest which colors will be more on trend each season every year. Dare to play with them, because you will be seeing a lot of them in the most popular stores as part of the fast fashion or even in staple pieces that you can obtain to complete your spring-summer wardrobe. For 2019 here you have a color pallet report:

Orange-Red call Fiesta

Deep Red call Jester Red

Orange call Turmeric

Coral-Golden undertone call Living Coral

Vibrant Pink call Pink Peacock

Zesty Yellow-Green call Pepper Stem

Yellow-Gold undertone call Aspen Gold

Royal Blue call Princess Blue

Brown-Taupe undertone call Toffee

Golden-Yellow call Mango Mojito

Deep Green call Terrarium Moss

Pink infused Lavender call Sweet Lilac

Beige call Soybean

Deep Blue call Eclipse

Nude call Sweet Corn

Deep Brown call Brown Granite

The first twelve are the pastels and bright colors and the last four are your suggested neutrals to play with. This does not mean you cannot play with other colors if you want to. Don’t limit yourself to get only clothing pieces, but feel free to implement them in your accessories, shoes, purses and makeup departments as well. Also have in consideration your taste, likes and those colors that complement your skin tone the most when wearing your outfits. Do the research (utilizing the internet or books) and discover your specific skin color and undertones, that way you can be really assertive knowing which colors complement you the best.

Say no to boredom and be playful when implementing color in you Spring-Summer wardrobe!

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