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Fashionable Thursday: Spring-Summer Accessories Essentials

We are about to welcome spring my DV Beauties and with that said, we are also welcoming a new series of blogs that will serve you as a guide of what it is good for you to invest in when it comes to your wardrobe and overall appearance according to this new season. We are beginning with the accessories department which can be often neglected but is not supposed to be that way. Like Michael Kors once said, ‘’accessories are the exclamation point to a woman’s outfit”. There is absolutely nothing closest to the true, because accessories always serve as the final touch, the accent, the pivotal point that can take a basic outfit to an extraordinary one aside from hair, nails and makeup which are important as well. Within the accessories we can include shoes, purses, hats, belts, glasses, scarfs and jewelry; all of them add an extra touch and no matter if you are more of classic, casual, bohemian or athletic lady they will always upgrade your attire.

Here you have some of the tendencies you will be observing in the ready-to-wear stores and feel free to acquire your favorite ones according to your specific personal style and needs:

- Pearls in all of it forms and in any type of accessory. They are not going away, instead the classic pearl keep on reinventing herself.

- Colorful jewelry, including the statement earrings that are still going strong. From pastels to bright colors, the point is to go out of the ordinary by adding a splash of color to your outfits.

-Colored and interesting framed glasses. By knowing your face shape, you will be able to better identify those frames that go out of the safe zone to complement your personal appearance.

-Hoop Earrings, they are an ongoing accessory and his time is not the exception.

-Chain Necklaces, they are still the accessory of the moment. Chains have so much personality, sass and classy that is very hard to overlook them.

-Statement Belts, because belts are our friends. Perfect to accentuate the figure, and in this occasion, they are adding a touch that goes out of the ordinary zone.

-Colored Bags are here to stay. Implement more of the classic black bag, color, color and more color is the key.

-Bucket Bags, it does not matter the texture, material or pattern but the shape. They are fun and interesting all and on.

-Soft Clutches, while clutches are in classic materials like leather and sating are the perfect go to acquire this season when it comes to these.

-Square Toe Sandals if you are not worried about the elongation of your figure and posture. They are very trendy and for the most because of the medium heel, they are very comfortable on the feet.

Not every trend is for everybody, but it is important to know and get informed about the options you have season by season. Like I said before, please don’t neglect your accessories department and dare to go out of the routine, of what is already expected. Have fun in the process of getting your findings during this Spring-Summer DV Beauty.

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