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Fashionable Thursday: Perfection Does Not Have A Shape Or Size, Perfect Is How You Carry Yourself

Ethnicity and simple diversity, all humans were created equally, but very differently at the same time. We owe the very first body type theory to no other than the North-American Psychologist William Sheldon in the 1940’s, which theorized and named the body types in three categories:

· Ectomorph – very lean and long structure with difficulty to build muscles

· Endomorph – big, high body fat and often pear shape structure

· Mesomorph – muscular and well-built, with fast metabolism and responsible muscle cells

While Sheldon was the pioneer in the matter of theorizing about body types, it is needless to highlight the fact that humans are constantly seeking to create and re-create; knowledge, theories and forms to better understand any type of concept. The fashion industry is not the exception and multiple ways of comprehending and understanding the human body were developed in order to dress it in a flattering way departing from the one mentioned before. For the purpose of this blog we will stick to the one developed by the stylist/fashion consultant Stacey London:

1. Bigger on the Top – these are women who have larger bust and/or shoulders

2. Bigger on the Bottom – these are women with larger and wider hips and tights

3. Bigger in the Middle – these are the type of women with a prominent stomach

4. No curves – these are women who’s bust, waist and hips measurements are basically the same or with minimal difference

5. Proportional – these are women with a smaller waist and larger/equal measurements in their bust and hips

The purpose of providing the information above is for you to understand that everything has a reason behind it, and that reason provides significance. Fashion and its understanding are highly influenced by other sciences like psychology, demography and others. I wanted to provide the theory that will guide the series for the upcoming weeks. The body type series is here, and you will be seeing women like you, like me, who own a unique body, with unique attributes, and a guide that will serve you as a point of reference to know how to be assertive with the pieces you already own in your wardrobe and the ones you will be acquiring in the future. Not like the women you observe in magazines, internet and television shows, that in many occasions take you to a place of wishing for unrealistic expectations. The only facts that will contribute to a have a better version of your body type will always be nutrition and exercise.

Beyond the fact that I want you to be beneficiated from this series in terms of your wardrobe and fashionable/shopping needs; I want and need you be beneficiated in terms of how you see your body. Awareness is very important DV Beauties and body dysmorphia is more common that we would think. Many women constantly magnify every single aspect of their bodies they think is “not perfect”, ‘’chubby’’, ‘’lacking’’, ‘’to big’’, ‘’with an old appearance’’, and the negative attributes are endless. Nevertheless, being a woman and at times victim of it, I have learned to overcome that self-negative body image and inner talk. God blessed us with the body that we have. Happiness and fulfillment do not come from a shape, a size, skin color, hair texture, neither the clothes we wear. All of those are ephemeral and altered by time, they do not contribute to a healthy and positive self-image and self-esteem. Whatever your body type or shape is, learn and make it a habit to love it, own it and care of it first; the rest will flow and fashion will just accessorize the gorgeous body you have.

Always remember that the ‘’perfect body type” does not exist, perfect is how you carry yourself darling!

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