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  • Iris Rosario

Fashionable Thursday: Neon Vibes

Who said neon!? In case you haven’t noticed yet, the 80’s fashion have made it through to 2019. Directly from the fashion shows of Gucci, Versace, Armani among others for spring-summer, the neon vibes are here to stay. Lime green, blinding yellow, hot pink and flaming orange; you have options if you don’t like one of them. Now you will notice neon mixed with floral prints, snake prints, and with lots of light weight fabrics. While neon can be too much for many, it can also add that pop of color you need if neutral or other colors don’t add the perfect amount of pop you are looking for. You can always choose to wear it for a monochrome look, one of the pieces to complete your outfits, for shoes or within your accessories department if don’t want it to overpower you look. Just get to know your body, so you don’t make anything look bigger than what it actually is by adding neon. While neon’s are extremely fun to wear, they will automatically draw the attention of the eyes of the observer. Be ready to make it part of your casual chic style and more so when you wish to navigate through the street style fashion.

This season decide to explore beyond your comfort zone and feel the neon vibes!

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